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Antique Kazari dana - Display Shelf


Age Ca 1900’s

Wood Cedar

Region Shiga

Height 1060mm

Width 1170mm

Depth 370mm


Price $1389

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Vintage Kazari Dana


Age Ca 1930’s

Wood Paulownia (Kiri)

Region Shiga

Height 675mm

Width 790mm

Depth 360mm


Price $894

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Vintage Kazari Dana - Display Chest


Age Ca 1950’s

Wood Mahogany

Region Kyoto

Height 1230mm

Width 1150mm

Depth 370mm


Price $1729

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Wajima Nuri Display Chest

Age Showa ca 1980
Height 1005mm
Width 1035mm
Depth 365mm
Material Lacquered Wood & Mother of Pearl
Price $1325
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