Tatami & Goza Mats


Tatami are a traditional Japanese floor mats. They are made by covering rice straw with a woven sea rush. Tatami are made in individual mats of uniform size and shape, bordered by brocade or plain cloth.

The size of a room in Japan is typically measured by the number of tatami mats. Standard dimensions of full mats are fixed at 90 cm by 180 cm (1.62m²). Although, these can vary between regions. Tea rooms & tea houses are traditionally designed to be 4½ mats. 

We can get them made to whatever size you want. However, as most Australian rooms aren't made with dimensions in 90cm increments, the most popular and stunning way to have tatami is to place the mats in a central position and surround them with floorboards to leave a flush finish. A thickness of 5cm is the most popular if planning to surround with floating floorboards. 

In Japan, all the materials used are cleaned and disinfected prior to manufacture. This is done without using any harmful chemicals and meets strict Domestic & International standards. They are sourced from Kyushu (South-west Japan). In Japan, it is illegal for untreated human waste to be used to fertilise food crops. This is not the case in other parts of Asia where cheap straw is sourced by non-Japanese manufacturers.

The straw used for our mats is oven dried at 85 C for 8 hours to comply with our strict quarantine import permit regulations. This dries out the straw and denatures any seeds/pathogens in the straw.

We guarantee that you won't find genuine Japanese tatami mats sold by our local competitors for a cheaper price. 

Size variation

Since tatami is made from a natural product over time mats may shrink or expand depending on humidity. There may be an insignificant variation in length/width of +/- 5mm. Please consider this when ordering. 

Tatami Prices

Full Mats


























   Half sized mats are $160 each  e.g. 4 1/2 mats (tea room size) is $860 + $160 = $1020
All Prices will be going up in our next shipment

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Last Updated 30th Mar 2020


Brown Brocade Trim Tatami


Framed Bed Sized Mats for the floor

Frames come in Dark Brown or Natural

Single (101.5 x 213cm footprint) sold out


Semi-double pair (135 x 213cm) Natural Frame Only $652 - 3 left


Queen pair (163 x 213cm) sold out

King pair (193 x 213cm) $749

Green & Blue Brocade Trim Tatami


Size (180 x 90 x 5cm; 25kg)

Teahouse configuration

4 + 1/2 mat set - 1 left

Framed $1247

(280 x 280 x 5cm)


Framed Bed Sized Mats for the floor

Frames come in Dark Brown or Natural


Single (101.5 x 213cm footprint) sold out


Semi-double pair (135 x 213cm) Natural Frame only $652 - 1 left


Queen pair (163 x 213cm) $698  Natural Frame only - 1 left


King pair (193 x 213cm) $749

Blue Brocade Trim Tatami


Size (180 x 90 x 5cm; 25kg)

Stock# TM09F

3 left


Teahouse configuration

4 + 1/2 mat set - 1 left

Unframed $1020

(270 x 270 x 5cm)

Framed $1247

(280 x 280 x 5cm)

Standard Mats Framed


We can also supply you with wooden frames that lock our standard mats into place and you will only see the top of the mats (not the side). They help protect the edges from damage.

In-stock now.

Prices shown include tatami mats and the wooden frame.

Frames in Natural or Dk Brown

  • 2-mats (190 x 190 x 5cm) sold out
  • 3-mats (190 x 280 x 5cm) $861  (Natural only)
  • 4 + 1/2 mats (280 x 280 x 5cm)  $1247

Black Trim Goza Mat


Goza Mats are the woven rush top piece (omote) of tatami. They are edged with black silk. They are not recommended for frequent traffic areas. Get tatami mats for those areas.

These make great beach mats


Size 200 x 90cm


Price $74 or $135 for 2

Shipping category 1 for up to two mats



Rodatami for tea ceremony

Mats are made from 90 x 90 x 5cm tatami.


$210 with the 44cm cut piece included


Custom-made mats


We are able to supply you with non-standard mats up to 2m long and 1m wide.

Square or Rectangular mats

Full Mats $265~

Half mats $180

Other Shapes

Full Mats $295~

Half mats $195~

Delivery time

Normal shipping is 2 to 6 months depending on our next container.

Express shipping is 1-2 weeks (International courier charges apply = approx $1000 for 4 mats).