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We source a wide range of Japanese ceramics including Arita, Imari, Kutani, Satsuma, Seto and Kyoyaki.

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All antique or used items are sold on an "as is" basis and refunds or exchanges will only be given at our discretion. We endeavour to repair goods, or point out major damage, prior to sale. Any omission in doing so does not infer liability

Vintage ceramics often have small marks, flaws and/or minor chips. It is up to the customer to inspect goods in the store or ask staff for a verbal/written condition report if purchasing online or via the phone.


Kutani Shishi

Height 350mm
Width 410mm
Depth 300mm
Style Kutani
Price $492
Shipping Category 5

Shigaraki Tanuki


Kutani Peacock Vase

Age Showa Period (Ca. 1950)
Height 300mm
Diameter 295mm
Has a box
Price $383
Shipping Category 4 without box or 5 with box

Kutani Pheasant Vase

Age Showa Period (Ca. 1950)
Height 275mm
Diameter 280mm
Has a box
Price $348
Shipping Category 4 without box or 5 with box

Kutani Hotei Statue

Height 450mm
Width 270mm
Depth 230mm
Style Kutani
Price $528
Shipping Category 5

Vase with white pattern

Height 230 mm
Diameter 230 mm
Price $96
Shipping Category 2

Japanese Vase with dots

Height 240 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Price $40
Shipping Category 1

Japanese Vase with Sumi glaze

Height 220 mm
Diameter 180 mm
Price $70
Shipping Category 1

1920's Kutani Vase

Age Taisho Era
Height 560mm
Width 390mm
Depth 390mm
Style Kutani
Price $812
Shipping Category 5

Kutani Vase

Age ca 1930
Height 230mm
Diameter 220mm
Price $162
Shipping Category 3

Black Tsubo

Age Showa Period (Ca. 1930)
Height 320mm
Diameter 260mm
Price $178
Shipping Category 3

Japanese Tsubo

Age Showa Period (ca. 1970)
Height 450mm
Diameter 330mm
Material Clay
Price $475
Shipping Category 6

Sake Kegs - Large

Age Showa Period (1930's)
Height 410mm
Diameter 330mm
Material Porcelain
Price $267
Shipping Category 5

Shoyu Bottle

Age ca 1920
Height 480mm
Diameter 300mm
Price $365
Shipping Category 4

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Arita Plate

Age Taisho Period (Ca. 1920)
Height 50mm
Depth 400mm
Style Arita
Price $199
Shipping Category 1

Seto Bowl

Age Meiji Period (Ca. 1900)
Height 80mm
Width 320mm
Depth 320mm
Style Seto
Price $215
Shipping Category 1

Tamba Vase with Signed Box

Height 270 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Price $395
Shipping Category 1

Tokkuri - Extra Large Sake Bottles

CA003 - Large Tokkuri

Ave Size H 36 x W 17cm

Weight 3kg

Price $134

Shipping Category 2

Tokkuri - Medium Sake Bottles

CA002 - Med Tokkuri

Size H 26 x W 14cm

Weight 2kg

Price $58

Shipping Category 1