Japanese Religious Artefacts

We have a huge range of Shinto and Buddhist artefacts. These include Shrines, Altar Tables, Sutra Desks, Candelabra, Statues, Lanterns, Scrolls, Masks and more ...

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Jizo - Taisho Period

Age Taisho (1920)
Height 350mm
Width 210mm
Depth 100mm
Price $396 - SOLD
Shipping Category 5

Bronze Daikoku Statue


Age Showa (ca. 1950)

Height 1080mm

Width 500mm

Depth 390mm

Very heavy


Price $1765

Shipping with removalist

Granite Jizo Statue

Age Taisho Period (Ca. 1920)
Height 510mm
Width 260mm
Depth 200mm
Price $572
Shipping Category 5

Granite Jizo Statue

Age Taisho Period (Ca. 1920)
Height 520mm
Width 240mm
Depth 220mm
Price $546
Shipping Category 5

Japanese Butsudan Shrine (Zushi)

Age Showa (Ca 1980)

Height 610mm

Width 490mm Closed 940mm opened

Depth 390mm


Price $838

Shipping POA

Kannon Bosatsu Goddess


Age Showa (ca. 1930's)

Height 1430mm

Width 370mm

Depth 370mm

Material Metal (Bronze/Brass)


Price $1388

Shipping with removalist

Japanese Buddhist Altar - Butsudan


Age Showa (ca. 1950)

Height 1460mm

Width 630mm closed (1210mm opened)

Depth 540mm


Price $1878

Shipping with removalist

Buddhist Mask


Age Showa (ca. 1950)

Height 410mm

Width 190mm

Depth 140mm


Price $88

Shipping Category 3

Daikoku Japanese God of Wealth Statue


Age Showa (ca. 1930)

Height 1500mm

Width 600mm

Depth 480mm


Price $1760

Shipping with removalist

Kutani Hotei Statue

Height 450mm
Width 270mm
Depth 230mm
Style Kutani
Price $528
Shipping Category 5