Japanese Fabrics

We import a huge range of Japanese Fabric that includes Patchwork fabric, Furoshiki (gift-wrapping cloths). Panels, Vintage Fabric (Indigo-dyed). Noren and Vintage Kimono Bundles.

We do not stock "Japanese Fabric" that is not designed and made in Japan as they are not authentic and do not have the same texture as true Japanese Fabrics. Beware!! as these include a high percentage of fabric on the market in Australia that is being sold as 'Japanese'. This includes all the American prints.

Our huge range includes, at last count, 226 cotton fabrics all suitable for patchwork (all on the website) plus three large baskets overflowing with Kimono and Obi fabric pieces and rolls.

We guarantee the quality of our fabric.

Domestic shipping is done with courier satchels and charged at $11.95 (up to 3m to major centres only), $15.95 (up to 20m nationwide) or $19.95 (up to 33m nationwide).

We now ship to NZ $20/kg (min charge is for 1kg - about 5m)